Weekly Announcements

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FROM SUNDAY, February 3

Mark your calendars for “Chilly Sunday” on February 24 after worship. Come one and come all…but more importantly, come with a hunger for good food and even better fellowship. We would love to see you! Soups are welcome!

Short term choir options: Join us as we sing spirituals in February and Lenten and Easter music in March and April.

Please pick up your 2019 offering envelopes on the first floor of the Education Building. New COTC telephone directories are also available.

The Per Capita assessment for 2019 is $31.50 per member.

Pastor Drew’s Vision for 2019: Commit to 250 hours of physical hands on mission. That seems like a lot, but it’s about 20 hours per month and it is also spread out over everyone who calls COTC their church home. Plus, we have so many wonderful opportunities to get involved in God’s Kingdom here in the Erie Region that finding 250 hours should be no problem at all! To help us stay committed to this work, Pastor Drew will be tracking the hours throughout the year. He asks that you fill out s small slip (which are available throughout the church). On the slip, you’ll be asked to provide the name of the organization you partnered with, what work you did, how many hours you committed to this work, and any reflections or insights you gained from the work. He asks that each time you commit to mission work you fill out a new slip and turn it in either through the offering plate on Sunday or to the church office during the week.

We continue to need people to provide cookies for the Sunday morning fellowship time.

The 2019 Flower Calendar is posted in the Library. You may sign up for a Sunday you would like to provide flowers ($30) in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special person or occasion. Prior to your Sunday, you will be contacted regarding the type/color of flowers you want and the wording for the bulletin. You may take the flowers after the service.

Please let the church office know when you or a family member are going to be admitted to the hospital.  We don’t always know unless you or a family member tells us.

The West Millcreek Food Pantry is in need of non-perishable food items. Toilet tissue, bar soap, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, macaroni & cheese, peanut butter, cereal, baked beans, tuna fish and canned spaghetti are needed in February, but any non-perishable items you find on sale will be appreciated! Items can be left in the shopping cart next to the Information Center on the first floor of the education building. Thank you for your donations!