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Put our money where our mouth is - II Samuel 7:1-17 (Pisa, Italy)

Put our money where our mouth is – II Samuel 7:1-17

Happy summer everyone! While Brady and I were away on our vacation, we…well really, I…made sure to stop at every church, basilica, and cathedral along the way. We saw churches and former churches and monasteries in Spain, France, and Italy. Obviously, it’s a professional hazard of the job (being magnetically attracted to worship spaces) but…

Lent - a very powerful season

Lent: A Very Powerful Season

If you haven’t looked at a calendar, you might be missing the fact that the seasons of Lent and Easter come very early this year. In fact, Lent begins this month (February 14-Ash Wednesday) and Easter comes on March 31st of this year. In the life of the church, Lent and Easter are two very…

Baptism of Jesus

Baptism of Jesus

I’m sure we all think about “new beginnings” when the calendar rolls over to the new year. We may ask ourselves, “What will be new, different, unique about this coming year?” Maybe we’re looking to let go of a bad past year. Maybe there’s a new event on the horizon for the new year that…