Journey Groups






 Faith is a journey, 

        don’t travel alone






Journey Groups are generally comprised of 8 to 15 people who meet together weekly for a period of five to eight weeks.  There are two sessions through the year (fall and late winter/Lent), with all groups being re-formed each session.  The expectation of the Journey Groups is not to develop deep, intimate relationships but to make social connections and friendships with more people here at church, while growing together spiritually.

Meeting weekly makes it easier for relationships to develop, as opposed to a monthly meeting.  And by reforming the groups each session, it is easier for new people to get involved and also easier for all of us to become acquainted with a larger number of people here at church.  Journey Groups also “serve in Jesus’ name” together during the session and “play” together, further strengthening relationships.

We talk a good bit around here about our faith being a journey. Like any other journey, traveling with others makes the journey more enjoyable and profitable.  Please plan to join the Journey.